2023-03-28 | Pudu Robotics

Dear customers,

Thank you for your continuous attention and trust in Pudu Robotics. (hereinafter referred to as " We" / “Our Company”).

Recently, there have been many unauthorized products and stores on various e-commerce platforms (including but not limited to Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, Alibaba International Station, Shopee, Amazon, and eBay) with the same or similar wording as "Pudu Robot". Some stores even use keywords such as “普渡机器人”, “欢乐送机器人”, “葫芦餐厅机器人”, “贝拉机器人”, “葫芦”, “PuduBot”, “BellaBot”, “KettyBot”, “HolaBot”, “贝拉”, “欢乐送”, and illegally use the same product model, product parameters, and product images as our products to sell at extremely low or high prices. Some online stores may post a low price but they do not have any products at stock, and will not actually fulfill the orders, which has already constituted false advertising and unfair competition.

In view of the above situation, we would like to remind you:


1.   Official sales channels: Our company has now adopted the authorized agent/distributor sales model. All agents/distributors have an "Authorization Letter" or "Manufacturer Authorization Letter" issued by our company. Any products purchased from unauthorized agents/distributors cannot be guaranteed for normal functions.

2.   Our Company has never authorized any organization or individual to set up brand stores and sell products on the e-commerce platform. Any text description related to the sales of our products on the e-commerce platform is false propaganda or illicit sales. Our Company does not provide any free technical support, service, maintenance, quality assurance for the products purchased from the online third-party platforms and other non-official channels.

If the product you purchased cannot be operated for bearing no formal authorization, users in mainland China please call our customer service number 4000826660 at the first time; users in other areas for consultation, please email:

3.   Irregular sales of illegal merchants have seriously infringed our legitimate rights and interests, violated contract agreements, and are suspected of violating the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition, the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. Our Company has entrusted lawyers to investigate and collect evidence and complete the fixing of relevant evidence. We hereby inform relevant organizations and individuals to stop relevant infringement acts immediately. Otherwise, our Company will protect rights according to law and investigate the civil and criminal legal liabilities of relevant organizations and individuals.


Thank you for your support to our Company! We remind you once more to be cautious to the network chaos, do not believe and do not purchase products with questionable origins!


Pudu Robotics

March 28th, 2023