Premium Delivery Robot Premium Delivery Robot Premium Delivery Robot

Premium Delivery Robot

BellaBot, the latest delivery robot designed by Pudu, inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation while being endowed with superior human-robot interaction capabilities. Featuring an innovative bionic design, cute appearance, multi-modal interaction, and many other new functions, BellaBot provides users with an unprecedented food delivery experience.

Industry-exclusive Dual SLAM Solution Covering All Scenarios

BellaBot supports both lidar and visual SLAM positioning and navigation to adapt to more scenarios. Both solutions are accurate and easy to use, providing an excellent and customer-centered experience to end-users.

Design Aesthetics

BellaBot adopts an innovative bionic design that is perfect from the machine body's height to its curve and the screen tilt angle.

  • Design Aesthetics
  • Design Aesthetics Design Aesthetics
  • Design Aesthetics

3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

For higher safety, BellaBot comes with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can stop when it encounters obstacles at any angle and then move away. With 3 RGBD cameras and the lidar, BellaBot can smoothly avoid low-lying and overhanging obstacles.

Obstacle detection frequency up to 5400 times per minute

Front detection angle up to192.64°

Front obstacle detection range exceeds10m

Multimodal Interaction

  • Light

  • Touch

  • Draw

Light Interaction

Different statuses trigger different light interactions, making the status indication clearer.

Light Interaction Light Interaction Light Interaction

Haptic Feedback

The new haptic feedback system makes BellaBot's feedback more comprehensive, enabling an unprecedented human-robot experience.

Haptic Feedback
Smart Expressions

Smart Expressions

Dozens of exclusive original expressions enrich BellaBot's facial expressions, making it more like a cat.

Smart Expressions
  • Infrared Tray Sensor

    Infrared Tray Sensor

    Modular quick-disassembly structures and infrared tray sensors empower smarter trays and higher delivery efficiency.

  • Battery Swap Technology

    Battery Swap Technology

    Quick battery swap makes it easy for BellaBot to serve 24/7.


PUDU SCHEDULER has adopted a decentralized, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network for quick calculations and decisions without a central computing node that requires high computing power, lowering the network requirements. It's more similar to the human-to-human interaction mechanism.



PUDU CLOUD platform provides powerful cloud-intelligent services for Pudu robots, enabling smart catering. It supports features such as business management, automated operation and maintenance, data collection, and cloud-intelligent services.


Empower robots with diversified accessories for more possibilities